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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19 Bermuda Triangle

Planes dropping from the sky, huge ocean liners disappearing without a trace, is it alien abductions or holes opening in the sea? The Bermuda Triangle, or Devil's Triangle as it's sometimes called, is an area of the North Atlantic in between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. In the last one hundred years this mysterious spot in the ocean has claimed over 1000 lives. In 1918 a huge vessel, The Cyclops, entered the Bermuda Triangle and was never heard from again. In December 1945, five US Navy planes were hopelessly lost in the triangle. Their instruments betrayed them. Their calls for help were of no avail. No planes or bodies were ever recovered from heartless ocean.

Scientists have come up with many theories about these strange happenings. Some say rogue waves, 100 feet tall, caused by the convergence of storms sink the ships. Others say that methane gas exploding from the ocean floor causes bubbles that change the density of the water to sink the ships or even create fire balls that drop planes from the sky. However, no one can prove any of these theories. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle persists to this day. Who knows, maybe in the future they will find out the real cause is...mermen!

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