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Best Mermaid Costumes!

mermaid costume

Most mermaid costumes are a variation of the tail skirt and bikini top. You can decorate the top with shells or beads and don't forget to add some sort of beaded headdress or crown. This costume can be a little more complicated if you sew your own skirt or you can make it super simple by just wrapping some shiny material around your waist and pinning it.

beautiful mermaid coeds

Another fun variation on the mermaid costume is a couples costume. This lucky fisherman caught a beautiful mermaid!

mermaid couples costume

Or how about the tough mermaid warrior. This mermaid looks like she's ready for anything!

tough warrior mermaid

Here is another tip for your costume. You can apply shimmering makeup through fish net stockings to get the illusion of scales.

mermaid costume makeup

Last but not least, how about being the mermaid villain. The villain always seems to have more fun!

Ursula mermaid costume

However you decide to celebrate this Halloween, be safe and have fun being a mermaid! Lets be mermaids!

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